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TRN reDelay VST updated to v1.00.

reDelay VST freeware

TRN reDelay VST - a free VST plug-in that can be described as a tool more than anything else.
It allows you to delay the audio by sample presicion, report audio sample delay to host, and have slave plug-ins that can be remoted by a Master plug-in. So if you have some kind of trouble with audiodelay (hardware synth, no PDC support in host, recording issues, plugin dont report delay... etc), then this plugin is made for you.
I recommend testing it even if you dont have problems, because it might be a better
solution than you allready got ;)

It have been tested with sucess in:

  • Cubase SX 3
  • Sonar 6
  • FLStudio 7
  • Reaper v1.8
  • Samplitude v9 SE


    * Plugin finnished and tested in several sequencers.

    * Master/Slave routines was a mess, so its been completely rewritten...
      Much cleaner, logic and faster code.
    * Different colors for modes now added.

    * Rewritten for use of chunks.
      Not possible to automate internal data anymore...
    * Plugin ready for release.

    * Added about scroller

  03/09-07 (v0.94)
    * Code cleanup.
    * First release (v.094)

  04/09-07 (v0.95)
    * Request added: Option for entering the values manually.
    * Added proper hints

  29/12-07 (v1.00)
    * Host recives proper parameter values for labeling.
    * Fixed small gui bug in slave mode.

Download : TRN reDelay v1.00 (freeware)

hSID Capture freeware

hSID Capture - What is it? It is a tool for capture data that is written to the sid chip.
You do not need a c64 or a real HardSID, but a program that use the HardSID for playback like:

  • Acid64
  • SidPlay
  • TinySID
  • GoatTRacker
  • VICE

- to name a few. The programs mentioned above have been succefully tested with hSID Capture.
This tool is still very much beta...  ;)

Ripping off Chris Huelsbeck
hSID Capture in action, ripping off Chris Hülsbeck...

- Please visit www.hardsid.com for more information on this wonderful card.


  12/02-07 (v0.5b)
    * First real working version.
    * HardSID_Write is the only call implemented.
    * No support for extended hardsid.dll interface

  14/02-07 (v0.6b)
    * Extended interface support.
        Applications using the dll v2 and above should now work
        (sucessfully tested with SidPlay2W).
    * Some optimizations.

  15/02-07 (v0.65)
    * Extended interface now supports variable capture speed.
    * Optimized and code cleanup, more flexible and faster capture engine.
    * Problems with CCS64 discovered, problem not yet solved.

  17/02-07 (v0.66)
    * optimized sid cycle position

  03/03-07 (v0.67)
    * Improved stability.

  04/03-07 (v0.70)
    * Added sound playback option

  04/03-07 (v0.72)
    * Improved GUI and menus.
    * Other minor improvements.

Download : hSID Capture v0.72 (freeware)

HardSID Ripper not available

HardSID Ripper - Rip off instruments from sid tunes 100% accurate.
Both .sid (no digits) format and .hsc (hSID Capture) format supported.
Customized tuning.
+ alot more...

Video of the ripper in action:

Download - SIDRipper_v0.7b-xvid.avi   




HardSID Ripper (not available)

unknown VSTi ...in progress


What's this? - a VSTi under development...? I wont reveal anything else :p

2 sound examples:

Download - sTI_simple_ringsync.mp3

Download - sTI_Preview-1Osc_1note_Table_Arp_Matrix_LFO_PW_Filter.mp3

in progress...